I have been a graphic artist for over 20 years. My experience ranges from visual identity, editorial design, illustration, web and UI design.


Over the years I have successfully produced print and retail materials, built and managed websites, and improved processes and communications between teams that I have worked with.

My favorite projects are working with small businesses because I can collaborate face to face with the owners and their employees.


What set's me apart from others is that I have a personal enthusiasm for all projects, and I strive to find singular design solutions. I absolutely enjoy building brands, creating logos, writing up guidelines and designing and managing websites. 


My design principle is to produce lasting and meaningful products that solve customer problems. I'd love to talk to you about your needs.

When I'm not working you can find me in the cooking, hanging out with my daughters, or relaxing with my husband.


I'm available from 9-2 Monday - Friday. 

206.226.1834 or patty@pattypauls.com

"design should reveal a story, evoke opinion and stimulate action"

~Patty Pauls