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What's your best purchase under $100 on in 2020?

While applying for a job this last month I was asked this intriguing question: "What is the best purchase in 2020 that I made for under $100?" Immediately I knew my answer. It was my set of black fineliner art pens: $14.99.

These pens were instrumental in keeping my mind at peace when I was going through chemo. Drawing comforted me while I was sitting in the chemo ward and receiving infusions. For a few hours it gave me a place to go.

But the most exciting outcome of buying these pens is that I was able to create, for the first time, artwork uninhibited, with no strings attached. In other words, I wasn't pleasing a client or making something for a paycheck this time. In fact as I was drawing I would tell myself that's it's for my eyes only. (Although I did end up showing everyone!) Ha ha.

This was the beginning of a new art series where I use unusual lines and forms that represent fragments of my feelings and thoughts during cancer treatment.




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